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Enterprise summary: plastic enterprise image, gen quality brand

Dongguan Jiefa Industrial Investment Co.,Ltd. is located in the famous town enterprise woolen songshan along the lake. Is a collection of production, dyeing, the trade to a body modern enterprise. Founded in 1995, Mr By DuZhiRong one organizes so far, make full use of high and new technology and advanced management technology, our overall level of equipment in international advanced, the domestic leading level. Products are exported to USA, Japan, Europe, and the Middle East. Now as wld-class textile group cooperation and constantly in the research and development of new varieties, is deep the customer's extensive praise markets at home and abroad with support. Only lasts for a few decades time, jie hair has become a colored yarn world well-known enterprise. And the company now owns: following source following dyeing Co., LTD.

The company overview: efficient service, high quality products

The company has a perfect production system and purchasing system, quality control system, propaganda system, the sales system, customer service system and management system. Complete industry chain structure, perfect management system, advanced technology and equipment, high quality products and efficient service, the whole heart service in domestic cities in high-grade dress brand. Pay attention to market research and development of new products, full-time attention on the billboard charts the fabrics of female manufacturer needs, signifies the popular colour and tie-in guidelines and cooperate with domestic fashion media senior fabric suppliers.

Summary: people-oriented management, quality win

People-oriented, heavy credit, the heavy quality, in the process of production has accumulated rich experience in the production of products and production technology, the quality requirements of continuous improvement in order to excellence, make jie hair product, no matter in creative or colored yarn quality in the second on the market.

Products overview: pay attention to market research, and constantly develop new varieties

This company specialized production products including colored silk cotton, non-ferrous high-elastic silk, non-ferrous pure cotton, silk cotton, flower flower gray ash, pure cotton yarn dyed colored cotton, wool is various specifications non-ferrous rayon, white embryos, white silk cotton yarn, days soft gauze embryo, crystal silk, born yarn, etc. Product has bright color, uniform, color fastness is tall, color kind of many etc. Characteristics. Fabric wear comfortable, tactile morbidezza trailer tinggua, is lightsome. Some high-end products advocate natural, fine soft, tactility warmth, burnish bright beautiful, visual nobility. And continuous development for the market of new varieties, with good quality and good prestige is visual theme in time.

Enterprise vision: made quality spirit, compose the world blueprint

Only into international standard rail, just have the infinite and outspread space. The company has formed in the pearl river delta as the center business around the country to extend to the international marketing network, business sales continue to grow stronger.

Thanksgiving hearts: thank you!

The chairman Mr DuZhiRong together with all staff warmly welcome all circles from home and abroad to come to visit, review and communication, cooperation and common development, and create cause! And to all concerned and support jie hair industrial investment limited development domestic and foreign businessmen extend my heartfelt thanks and sincere greetings!

No.58-A09, Fukang Road, Dalang Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China


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